Rachel Dalton

Hello there! I'm Rachel welcome to my website. I graduated from Plymouth University in 2013 with a degree in Digital art and Technology. What was really cool about Digital Art was the fact that I learnt you can do more with computers and technologies than that of watching Youtube or Instagram or what ever else you do on the internet. There were machines that created art for you (art-o-matic). We even created robots that could never be satisfied (Fickleduino). There is so much more out there check more out on Rachels idat blog.

Since graduating I had set my sights on seeing the world discovering everything other than myself. I've learnt a lot on my journey. I've taugh english to Japanese children and took lots and lots of photos (not of the kids though!). I've drawn comics some unpublished some undrawn waiting to come out. I'm not going to lie when I was a child I didn't know what to do in my free time so I discovered that making websites were cool. Now that I'm an adult and school is finished I discovered outside is fresh, cool and amazing. So traveling and discovering has become my number 1 hobby.
I visited most of Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and North America. Most of my travels have been solo. I believe that if you really want to do something or go somewhere then you should do it. You shouldn't wait for others and you will find new people who were in the same position as you. My biggest challenge was going to Korea completely alone, it was scary I don't speak Korean and I didn't know anyone who was there. But I did it and in the end wish I could've stayed longer, as I was opening up more to their culture, rather than being protective of myself.

So anyway I think I've talked a fair amount about myself and my update on my life so if you want to visit my portfolio then click here.
If you want to check out my travel blog visit here.
Thanks for visiting my site!